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Cinemas in Moscow, Russia.

Usually the tickets to Moscow cinemas cost from 50 to 300 R - ($2 to $10) (cheaper on the weekdays in the morning, more expensive in the evening and on the weekends). Some cinemas offer student discounts (ISIC card).
Most of the cinemas listed here show movies in original language with subtitles ("sub`titry" - in Russian), but sometimes the movies are dubbed. They usually write it on the movie ad -- "dubbed" ("dub`lirovan" - in Russian).
The two cinemas in Moscow, where you can always see movies in English language with Russian translation either through headphones or subtitles, are America-Cinema and Dome Cinema. Both are located in popular, but expensive hotels (SAS Radisson, and Olympic Penta). These two cinemas are especially recommended for those, who want to go out with a Russian friend.
Among "alternative" cinemas are 35 MM, Museum of Cinema, and sometimes Rolan. These cinemas show art-house movies, independent productions, and laureates of European Festivals (Berlin, Cannes, etc).

The cinemas below are listed in the order of our preference.

35 MM Cinema
This is our favorite. They have interesting movies, they are careful about what they choose to show: fine european, asian, american, sometimes alternative movies usually in original language with russian subtitles. For example, what they had in the 2000: Henry Fool, American Beauty, Magnolia, Acid House. In the night time they have night non-stop shows (two movies). Decent sound and 11-meter long, not very large, but quite comfortable fancy hall. Cafe in the lobby.
This cinema is located in a nice Moscow area, if you go down to the centrum it can be a really fine walk.
Address: Pokrovskaya ulitsa, #47/24, Phone: 917-1883, 917-5492 (answering machine). Area: Kitai Gorod, metro Krasnye Vorota (red), Kurskaya (blue), Kitai-Gorod (orange). Map: Kitai Gorod area, D2 (#3). Prices: 50R - 450R ($2 - $15)

Museum of Cinema. Favorite place of Moscow's intellectuals and students, it's known for the uniqueness of its repertoire. Usually they show either old movies or alternative new ones. Sometimes there are special shows for the whole week: a week of english movies, of finnish movies etc. There are four halls in all. Many movies are shown in the original language. If it's a good movie it's hard to buy ticket, so come there beforehand - maybe one day before. This cinema is closed in August.
The interior is nothing fancy, but there are some cafes around near the metro.
Address: Druginnikovskaya str #15, Phone: 255-9057, 255-9095, Area: Tverskaya, metro Barrikadnaya, the building of Cinema Center, go in the arch just in front of the metro. Map: Tverskaya area, A3 (#8). Prices: 20-100 R ($0,7 - $3 US).

Cinema Center (Kinotsenter). In the same building as the Museum of Cinema (above). They show many different movies every day. There's a big and a small hall, not very comfortable, but nice for seeing a movie. Most of the time they have movies in original language with subtitles.
Located in the same building as Museum of Cinema (see above).
Address: Druginnikovskaya str, #15, tel. 255-9057, 255-9095, Area: Tverskaya, metro Barrikadnaya. A large white building next to the metro. Map: Tverskaya area, A3 (#9). Prices: 50-150 roubles (2-6$).

Illuzion. Specializes in old Russian, Soviet, and foreign movies. Sometimes, it is the only place where you can see productions of Soviet filmmakers of 20s or 30s 20th century.
Located in the old Stalin's skyscraper (7 sisters). No cafe inside, but a nice chill-out club "Kult" just across the road.
Address: Kotelnicheskaya emb., #1/15 (Stalin's skyscraper), Phone: 915-4353, 915-4339 (answering machine), Area: Kitai Gorod, metro Taganskaya or Kitai Gorod, located on the bank of Yauza river, in front of Foreign Languages Library and British Council. Map: Kitai Gorod area, D4 (in front of #6). Prices: 20-60 R ($0,7 - $2 US).

Rolan Cinema attracts kind of bohema and "arty" people. This cinema specializes on the new classics - Almodovar, Jarmush, Kusturitsa, Vudi Allen, Joselliani. There are two halls: one for 200 people and another - for 50. Because of the original repertoire Rolan attracts many people: queues in the evenings and on the weekends are quite often. There's pompous foyer and a bar with good selection of drinks.
Movies are usually dubbed.
Chistoprudniy bulvar #12a, Phone: 916-9190, 916-9412, Area: Kitai Gorod, metro Chistie Prudi, Turgenevskaya - walk out of the Chistye prudy metro and then walk 7-10 minutes on the boulevard to the direction of Chistye Prudy (ponds). Map: Kitai Gorod area, C2 (#4). Price: 100 R - 400 R ($3 - $13)

America-Cinema. Located in SAS Radisson-Slavyanskaya hotel. Movies are always shown in original language, making it popular among

America Cinema Moscow

expats and businessmen living in Moscow. American style: popcorn and coca cola at the entrance.
The cinema hall itself is one of the most inconvenient in Moscow. It is too huge to feel comfortable inside. The sound system is not properly installed and the sound is poor. The visitors can use headphones to hear the Russian translation, so it is likely you will hear the sound from the headphones of your neighbor even if he is three seats away from you - it's very annoying.
Address: Berezhkovskaya nab. #2 "Radisson-Slavyanskaya" hotel, 2nd floor. tel. 941-8747, 941-8875 (answering), 941-8641 (tickets) Area: Kievskaya metro. Walk out of the metro and walk behind Kievskaya railway station to the direction of Moscow-river there's a large hotel buiding - that's it. Map: Arbat area, A3 (#3) Prices: 200-400R (8-13$)

Dome Cinema in Moscow

Dome Cinema. A cinema in "Penta Renaissance" hotel. Interesting design of the hall, movies always in original language translated in Russian through headphones.
Good quality dolby surround sound.
Nice, but slightly overpriced restaurants and cafes in the lobby.
WayToRussia.Net readers get a special discount!
Address: Olimpiski prospekt, #18/1 "Renaissance in Moscow" hotel, tel. 931-9873 (answering) Area: North Center of Moscow, Prospekt Mira metro (circle). It's better to take a car from the metro for 30 R ($1), say you need "Penta Renaissance" hotel.

Strela. A cinema for lovers. There's a small hall with a small screen and very comfy chairs: you sit low, as if half-lying, looking up at the screen and in the back rows there are seats for two where you can sit together and watch the movie. While watching the movie, you can call a waiter and he'll bring you a drink (for $$). There are non-stop night shows.
There's well-designed expensive bar with a big TV showing movies too (different from those they show in the hall).
Movies are shown only in Russian.
Address: Smolenskaya-Sennaya ploshad)#23/25, tel. 244-0553, Area: Arbat, metro Smolenskaya (blue), Park Kultury (circle).

Zaryadia is a strange cinema. Just in the heart of the city it's stayed like it was in the 1970th with no redecoration, similar to the hotel Rossiya, where it's situated. This place is good only because sometimes they have really nice alternative european movies or special events: for example, a week of Japanese movies in Moscow.
Address: Moskvoreckaya embankment, #1 (In the building of the Hotel Russia), tel. 298-2691, 298-5686, Area: Kitai Gorod, Ohotny ryad (red), Kitai Gorod (orange, violet) - Hotel Rossiya. Map: Kitai Gorod area, B4 (#10)

5 stars (5 zvezd).
This is the best cinema hall recently constructed in Moscow. The lobby is very nice and cozy decorated with

Dome Cinema in Moscow
brick walls and easy light. There is a huge screen right in
the lobby in the cafe where you can watch sport
competitions. There are 5 halls in the cinema each called
after great cinema men (Rolan, Ptushko, Kurosava, Gaben,
Chaplin) - this is the reason why the cinema hall is called "5 stars".
The seats in the halls are very comfortable and quite large.

Address: Bakhrushina ulitsa, #25, Phone: 953-3328, 953-42-06 (answering machine). Area: Paveletskaya, metro Paveletskaya
(ring line). When you walk out of the metro station you
notice the train station (2 floors, brightlong building), you
should cross the big street (Garden Ring) to be opposite to
the station. Go into the big street which starts from the
underground pass, the cinema hall is in 300 meters. Prices: from $1 (if you Russian pensioner) to $10 (if you a Sunday daytime adult).




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