Eating Out in Moscow, Russia: The Best Restaurants and Cafes

Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 08 Mar 2010)
Everyone eats out in Moscow and the best thing is that most of the places are opened 24 hours. Meaning you can come to a Ukrainian restaurant at 5 am and still have a full 3-course meal if that's what you wish. Some recommended places are Mayak, Kvartira 44, Solyanka Club – these are less known to tourists (I don't even think they'll like we wrote about them), but super quality places, which are frequented by the locals who love good food and conversation (Mayak is the favorite hangout of Kommersant's editor-in-chief, famous lawyers, writers, and people in the "scene"). Then on the other opposite you've got cantine places serving quality traditional fast meals, such as Mu-Mu or Elki Palki chains, where you meet ordinary Russians. If you're after something in between, we'd recommend FAQ cafe, PR OGI (food+drink+great bookstores) and other smaller restaurants in the sections below. Generally, expect to pay at least $30 for a quality meal, but places like FAQ or Mu-Mu will get your hunger away for $10 as well.

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