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Bars in Moscow

Here we list the best bars to go out for a few drinks and have a lot of fun. Clearly the most interesting places are Bar Strelka and Simachev Bar, but we list a few more just to provide a context. Don't waste your time though: shoot for the best. For a list of pubs, see our Moscow pub guide.

Minibar Bar

Minibar is a cute little basement in the very heart of... more
8, Maroseika, Metro: Kitai Gorod, Moscow, Russia

Mayak Bar

Mayak is also called "the club of the drinking... more
19/13, Bolshaya Nikitskaya, Metro: Arbatskaya, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 691 74 4

Jan Jak Cafe Bar

One of these places that managed quite well to recreate... more
24, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Metro: Chekhovskaya, Moscow, Russia
+7 495 608 58 10

Bar Strelka

Simply the best bar in Moscow located at a very special... more
9, Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, Metro: Kropotkinskaya, Moscow, Russia

Domebar Venue

The new happening spot for quality food, music, films... more
3, Bersenevsky pereulok, Metro: Kropotkinskaya, Moscow, Russia

Messto [Closed] Shop

NOTE: While Messto is closed, keep checking their... more
3, Petroverigsky per, Metro: Kitai Gorod, Moscow, Russia
+7 495 624 93 05

Tsvet Nochi Club

A very comfortable and cozy place with delicious... more
12/2, Bolshoy Kozikhinskiy pereulok, Moscow, Russia

Kruzhka Bar

It would be easy to snub Kruzhka with its sardine-tin,... more
32/1, Bdlg. 1, Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 363 2404

Kitaisky Letchik Djao Da Club

If you want to listen to live Russian music of all... more
25/1, Lubyansky Proezd, Metro: Kitai-Gorod, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 624 5611

Liga Pap Bar

A sports bar, pub and restaurant that is a hell of a... more
24, Bolshaya Lubyanka Ulitsa, Metro: Lubyanka, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 624 3636

The Real McCoy Bar

Quite a nice pub/bar with American feel - very popular... more
1, Kudrinkskaya Ploshchad, Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 255 4144

Bilingua Club

Once part of the OGI chain, Bilingua is essentially... more
10, Krivokolenny Pereulok, Bldg. 5, Metro: Turgenevskaya, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 623 9660

Bleachers Bar

The latest venture of Doug and Marty, formerly of Boar... more
1, Volgogradsky Prospekt, Metro: Proletarskaya, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 676 3972

Tema Bar

Quite a lively bar with a decent-sized but... more
5, Bldg. 2, Potapovsky Pereulok, Metro: Turgenevskaya, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 924 2720

Shop & Bar Denis Simachev

The Russian designer Denis Simachev is famous for... more
12, Stoleshnikov per., Metro: Okhotny Ryad or Pushkinskaya, Moscow, Russia

FAQ Cafe Moscow Places

The main hangout for journalists, students, and newbie... more
65, Bolshaya Polyanka, Metro: Dobryninskaya, Moscow, Russia
+7 499 755 88 27

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