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The giant Gorbushka complex is home to countless shops and stalls selling electronics. Anything electrical can be

bought here – from tiny gadgets right up to fridges. The outlets vary from the major brand-name shops to tiny stalls specializing in just a few appliances. For electrical items prices aren’t significantly cheaper or more expensive than elsewhere in the world and there is also very little difference in prices between the different stalls. Upstairs at the complex there is a huge range of cheap pirate DVDs, CDs and software.
Directions: Upon exiting metro Bagrationovskaya turn left and walk straight following the crowds. You will see it.

Savelovsky Market.
A rival to the Gorbushka complex, the Savelovsky market doesn’t have quite the same size but it has almost all the same goods and is a fair bit closer to the city center. The market is mainly made up of stalls and has a run-down feel to it. You can find some bargains here though so it’s well worth checking out. Pirate DVD/CD/Software kiosks also abound.
Directions: Upon exiting metro Savelovskaya turn right and walk all the way to the end, then take the stairs to your left. The DVD shops start here – keep going straight to reach the electronics section.

A large chain of electronics outlets selling mainly small appliances – computers, printers, mobile phones, cameras, mp3 players and so on. This is also the place to go if you need help getting Stream Internet or satellite TV connected at your apartment. But ION is not the place to go for televisions, stereos, etc. Keyboard stickers with Russian letters are a useful item you can pick up here.
Address: Tverskaya Ul., #7, metro Okhotny Ryad. Tel: 544-4333. Open 9:00-23:00. Website: Around 50 other locations in and around Moscow – see website for contact details.

El Dorado.
El Dorado is an even bigger electronics chain covering small appliances as well as larger electronic goods such as stereos and televisions. However, some outlets just specialize in the small appliances and some just in mobile phones. Meanwhile El Dorado hypermarkets also stock a full range of white goods (washing machines, fridges, ovens, etc). Anything electrical can be bought at an El Dorado store.
Address: Hypermarket: Profsoyuznaya Ul., #56, metro Novye Cheremushki. Tel: 500-0000. Open 10:00-21:00. Website:
There are five other hypermarkets and more than 20 regular shops in Moscow. See the website for contact details.




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