Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 20 Aug 2009)

Sedmoy Kontinent.
An omnipresent chain of e

xpensive supermarkets that pepper the capital, Sedmoy Kontinent is a convenient place to shop even if the prices are inflated. The outlets sell general groceries and have extensive alcohol selections as well as specialty meat, seafood, sweets and cheese departments. Many locations also have a pharmacy and flower shop. You can also shop online and have your groceries delivered via their website ( - click In English at the top right corner for their English-language version).
Address: Bolshaya Lubyanka Ul., #12/1, metro Lubyanka. Tel: 411-6085. Open 24 hours. Website: More than 100 other locations in Moscow – see website for contact details.

Operating in many cities throughout Russia, there are around 20 Ramstore supermarkets in Moscow. At any Ramstore outlet you will find general groceries, alcohol and also household items such as towels, plates, saucepans, etc. Prices are a fair bit higher than at markets but often not too bad.
Address: Chasovaya Ul., #13, metro Aeroport/Sokol. Tel: 937-0510. Open 8:00-23:00. Website: Around 20 other locations in Moscow – see website for contact details.

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