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Dance clubs in St. Petersburg

(The listings follow after this introductory text)
There are quite a few main tendencies of nightclub industry in St. Petersburg. First being the strange habit of choosing bomb shelters as nightclub locations (City pioneer Tunnel, Griboedov, Front); there are few obvious reasons for that – perfect sound isolation, ventilation system developed for army purposes and, probably the most important – the feeling of security unavailable in everyday life. Time prooves that nightclubs (and bomb shelter ones especially) never close down – they just change their names and owners, sometimes start going gay or invite new art managers, DJs and bands. But after all, everything stays the same. This is the second major tendency. Clubs never die – they move to new buildings, fall in somnolence or open their residencies on a Finnish Gulf beach during the low-clubbing summer season.

We’ve picked either long-existing places for this review, because we know what to expect from them, or the newest ones – because they show the direction of ever-changing fashion. The last tendency has something to do with laws of nature. Many people prefer company to loneliness, clubs do too. There are constellations of clubs concentrated in certain hot spots on the city map. The majority of jazz clubs in town are in a couple of blocks away from one another; Places like Che, Fashion Cafe Lounge, Jakata, Red Club and Cadillac are all on the same street; Par.spb, Café Tarkan and newly opened Live Park share the same building exactly like dozen of clubs and galleries of cultural center at Pushkinskaya 10, including FishFabrique, Experimental Sound Gallery (GEZ 21) and others. It means that once you start clubbing – there will always be another place to stop by right around the corner from where you are.
Some marginal and weird places in the outskirts of town are (read hard to find places) are out of scope of this review because we wouldn’t go there ourselves and would not suggest it to you.

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