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Long-Term (Business) Russian Visa Support Application

A Russian visa support document (also known as invitation) is needed in order to get a Russian visa. The long-term visa support (also called "business") is comprised of the original invitation issued by Russian immigration authorities valid for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.  
Please, fill out the form below and the visa support will be sent to you by e-mail by our partner visa company. Alternatively, you can request the original per post, in this case, please, specify it in the form below.
Note, that you can only apply for the multiple-entry visa if you obtained a Russian visa before. If it's your first time applying for a Russian visa, please, apply for a single- or double-entry visa type.
This business visa support, along with the visa application form available at the consulate are all the documents you need to get the Russian business visa. You don't need to make any extra reservations. You can bring these documents to a Russian consulate and they'll issue your visa (you will need to pay the consular fee as well, which ranges from $50 to $150 depending on the speed of processing, which ranges from 3 to 14 days). Refer to the 

After you fill out the form below, you will be transferred to the secure server to make the payment. The scanned copy of the original business visa support documents from Russian Authorities will then be sent to the e-mail you provide below after the processing is done. Print it out, fill out the Russian visa application form (available on a consulate's website and on Way to Russia), take your passport, 2 photos, a consular fee – and apply for the visa at the consulate or through an authorized travel agency.

Terms of Service:

The business visa is usually used by business people and travelers who need to stay in Russia for a longer time (from 1 to 12 months). Business visas are usually issued to people who want to come to Russia to explore business opportunities, conduct meetings, participate in conferences.

>> You don't necessarily need to be employed to get a business visa, there are various types of the visa, which suit different people. The managers of the visa support processing company will select the best one for you, according to the details you provide in the form. If you're just traveling to Russia for 1 month and not very often, then it's more convenient to get a tourist visa.

>> The price depends on the processing period you choose and is shown in the form below.

>> With the visa support obtained through this site, you will not be tied to any hotel reservations or any specific dates. You are free to travel anywhere in Russia within the dates of your visa validity.

>> A special letter from a travel agent is NOT required by the Russian consulates if you get your invitation through this site (it would be needed only if you obtained your visa support documents from a travel agency in your country).

>> The travel itinerary is only needed if you apply in Japan and is available for free if the consulate requests it.

>> The originals are required by some consulates. We recommend to apply using the copies first and in case the originals of the visa support are needed, they will be posted to you immediately (postal charges apply).
The Order Process:

Step 1: After you fill out this form, you will be asked to pay online for immediate processing (Visa, MC, AmEx, Diners are accepted) or with a bank transfer, cash, or credit card over the phone or fax.

Step 2: Your application is processed by our partner company, which has a reference number and is registered and licensed by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID), Interior Affairs Ministry (MVD), and PVU.
This ensures that you will not have any problems with your application at the consulate and Russian immigration control.

Step 3: The visa support documents will be sent to you by e-mail or fax and you will be provided your own unique order reference number and a personal manager in case you have any questions about your order.
Russian consulates in some countries require originals of the business visa support documents, and the originals are always required for 6- and 12-month multiple entry visas. In this case, the managers will arrange the postal delivery for you. It can either be done with standard post (about $4 US, apprx 1 week delivery time) or courier post (about $50 US, apprx 2-3 days delivery time).

Step 4: The visa registration will be provided by the hotel(s) you stay in (usually for free). If you stay in a private apartment or with friends, your landlord can register you at any post office for $5, or you can get a registration at the company that issued your visa support for $30 US.

Terms of Service for more details, read our Russian Visa Guide, or contact us on Facebook.     


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A Russian visa support document (also known as invitation) is needed in order to get a Russian visa.

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