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What is Russia

To give you a better idea about Russia, we present our latest research on the Russian culture and people. It's all super subjective and biased, but then the super-objective and dry Wikipedia is just a click away :)

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Russian Cinema, Movies and Online Video

There are words which are hardly translatable and usually those words mean something very specific about the culture they come from.

Present-Day: Capitalism, Sovereign Democracy, Eltsin, and Putin - Russian History

With the communism's collapse, the binary opposition between communism and capitalism ceased to exist, with Russia finding itself on the verge of a havoc.

Contemporary Art in Russia

Contemporary Russian art is a great collection of society's symptoms, hidden relationships, and dymanics, which are not often visible on the very surface layer especially perpetuated by mass media.

Introduction to Russia

Russia is truly polysingular.

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Russia Travel Itineraries and Hightlights

What are the best places to visit when you go to Russia? If you have only a few days, Moscow and some small provincial town (Novgorod or a town along the Golden Ring) would give you a very good idea about the country.

Russian People Interviews

Instead of writing about Russian people (that is, ourselves) and being inevitably subjective, we decided to let them talk and leave the freedom to be judgemental for our readers.

Young Russian Women - Devushkas - Who Are They

Russian women are said to be 'the most beautiful women in the world'.

Myths and Truths about Russia

Sometimes we hear and see so many striking, odd and new things about Russia on TV or in newspapers or from the people we meet, that I think I'm missing something! Really, it turns out I live at such a dangerous place, which is ruled by authoritarian regime, flooded with mafiosi, catastrophes, bombings happening all the time, with deadly cold winters, demolished economy, depressed people.

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Bashkir Honey

Bashkir Honey - Башкирский Мед - is raw, unrefined, and healing.

Pelmeni - Russian Ravioli

Pelmeni - Пельмени - and Vareniki is the best fastfood you will find.

Russian Food & Cuisine - Appetizers & Recipes

Appetizers are usually eaten before the main course and sometimes are accompanied with an alcoholic beverage.

Top Events in Russia in 2014