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Way to Russia Travel Guide Book

This new 780-page full color travel guide book to Russia was made using the best materials from www.

Russian Train Schedules, Route Planner, Online Reservation

You can buy Russian train tickets at any train station in Russia or online.

Russian Visa Application: Step by Step Guide

If you want to travel to Russia, you need a Russian visa.

Russian Cinema, Movies and Online Video

There are words which are hardly translatable and usually those words mean something very specific about the culture they come from.

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Russian language tutorial & online phrasebook

Why do you need to know a little Russian? Because if you are going to travel to Russia, it will be much easier to make your way around if you can read the Russian alphabet and know a few basic words.

Trans-Siberian Guide

Discover the major Trans-Siberian destinations and the best towns to visit during the trip.

Myths and Truths about Russia

Sometimes we hear and see so many striking, odd and new things about Russia on TV or in newspapers or from the people we meet, that I think I'm missing something! Really, it turns out I live at such a dangerous place, which is ruled by authoritarian regime, flooded with mafiosi, catastrophes, bombings happening all the time, with deadly cold winters, demolished economy, depressed people.

Guide to Moscow, Russia

Moscow is huge, exciting and exhausting at the same time.

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Russian Food & Recipes - Desserts

For the sweet tooths – Russian dessert for breakfast and dinner.


Syrniki - Сырники - is another amazing dish from Russia.

Russian Food & Cuisine - Appetizers & Recipes

Appetizers are usually eaten before the main course and sometimes are accompanied with an alcoholic beverage.

Top Events in Russia in 2014


Seven Years of Funk Events

Address:Гончарная ул., 7/4, Moscow, RussiaContact:<div class="bbcode">Отметить седьмой... read more


Медленная ночная музыка Events

Address:ст.м. Павелецкая, Космодамианская набережная, дом 52, строение 8, Moscow, RussiaContact:<... read more