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Kruzhka Bar

It would be easy to snub Kruzhka with its sardine-tin, noisy atmosphere and poor food.

Address:32/1, Bdlg. 1, Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, Metro: Chistiye Prudy, Moscow, Russia
Contact:+7 (495) 363 2404,
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But, it is just too cheap to pass up. This is a good place to get in a few cheap drinks before heading on to a club. The house beer “Kruzhka” is only 50 rubles ($2) per 500mL and doesn’t taste too bad. At least it’s better than the next cheapest option, Sibirskaya Korona. The food isn’t great but the servings are usually too big to finish and their shaurma are decent. For an average of 150 rubles ($6) per meal you can’t expect much. There are many locations throughout the city. Common features are large screens showing sport and all of them are so crowded and loud that it can be difficult to have a conversation. This is a great place to get drunk and have a snack cheaply, and not much else. It may sound ridiculous, but it can get so crowded on weekends that you may need to reserve a table...


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