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Club na Brestskoy Club

Located in a basement, rough and stylish design, good restaurant and nice music. Again, as many places in Moscow, this club is inhabited by an eclectic mix of office types, artists, students, club-goers, and whoever else happened to pass by, but you can always be sure that they all wanted to be there, so at the end it's a nice, diverse, and friendly crowd.

Address:6, 2nd Brestskaya Ulitsa, Metro: Mayakovskaya, Moscow, Russia
Contact:+7 (495) 694 0936,
Similar in Moscow:Proekt OGI Club, Dom Places
Similar Worldwide:Cultural Center "Pushkinskaya 10" Club (St Petersburg), Khrapkoff Club (St Petersburg)

Often features concerts by alternative Russian groups and art events.


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