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Krysha Mira Club

A relatively recent addition to the list of "high class" Moscow clubs, this place leans towards bohemian crowd, so it's a bit more interesting than the others.

Address:Naberezhnaya Tarasa Shevchenko, Moscow, Russia
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I'd even say it's pretty queer, although that probably has more to do with various intoxicants than with the club's policy. In the daytime there's a restaurant serving tasty vegetarian Asian food, in the evening there's a bar on one floor and dancefloor on another. Very good tech house music mixed with techno, Fridays are especially popular when the parties usually go on until 6am. The drawback is that it's really hard to get in: there's a strict face control, so unless you are wearing some designer stuff or speak English while passing through the security, you'll have a hard time at the entrance. And by the way be ready to leave all your cash there: a shot of vodka is like €10-€15.


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