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AES Group - AEC Collective

AES is a group of three artists: two men and one woman.

They make photos and installations.

Address:Moscow, Russia
Contact:+7 495 719-0600 ,
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In the same style as the above 'Family portrait in the interior', where the artists open their throats to pose as much from the inside as from the outside for the portrait..some of their other photos show businessmen litterarily holding their guts in front of them in their hands.

In some art fairs their stand was exactly like a travel agency stand, with huge posters of the main sights in different capital cities. Except that in every picture a muslim element was integrated, like here above, the statue of Liberty is wearing a veil. An other photo shows a view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower at the foreground and at the background Mosques and Taj Mahal-like buildings growing like mushrooms. It's called the 'muslim project'. A view of the future ?

In 2000 they exhibited a round red wooden arena, in different museums around the world. Inside the arena were ten large photos of girls. All of them were teenagers, from Russia, all dressed with a football tee-shirt. At the entrance of the arena was a board where was written that half of those girls are actually emprisonned for crime of murder. The game is to fill in a paper and to choose among the ten girls which ones are the criminals. Their crimes are explained in detail, for example one of those girls killed her step-father with a kitchen knive. After playing the weird game of denouncing who must be the criminals, only by examining the face of the ten girls, the spectators were invited to leave a donation for the criminal girls. But no one knew who was who in the end.

Check out their website at it's nice.


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Contemporary Art in Russia

Contemporary Russian art is a great collection of society's symptoms, hidden relationships, and dymanics, which are not often visible on the very surface layer especially perpetuated by mass media.

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