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Krizis Zhanra Places

When we just started making Way to Russia back in 2001 this used to be our favourite place. A very small underground club where you could always be relaxed, meet friends, listen to some great music, eat home made pirozhki...

Address:16 bld 1, Pokrovka st, Moscow, Russia
Contact:+7 (495) 623 25,
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Since then the club was closed and for 3 years there was not a place like that in Moscow anymore.

Things changed in October 2005 when Krisis Zhanra was brought to life again. It is not anymore the small cozy place it used to be: the new venue is perhaps 10 times bigger, there's live music stage, and a spacious bar area. At the beginning they managed to maintain good quality of music, but it slowly deteriorated and became just one of the many. But occasionally nice concerts and always good place to eat in the afternoon, so you should still stop by.


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