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John Bull Pub Pub

Well, it certainly does look like an English-style pub so it’s not a bad option for anyone with a serious case of homesickness. It is a bad option for anyone on a budget with the cheapest beers costing a whopping 195 rubles ($8) per 500mL.

Address:99-3, Karmanitsky Pereulok, Metro: Smolenskaya, Moscow, Russia
Contact:+7 (495) 241 0644,
Similar in Moscow:Molly Gwynn's Pub, Churchill Pub Pub, The Albion Pub
Similar Worldwide:The Rosy Jane English Pub Pub (Ekaterinburg), Gordon's Scottish Music Pub Pub (Ekaterinburg), Telegraph Pub (St Petersburg)

You might be persuaded to pay that much in the center of London but in Moscow it verges on the ridiculous. The food is similarly overpriced and not especially good. On the bright side there is a fine selection of English ales and lagers which can be hard to find in Moscow. And the interior is impressive, with the pub decked out stylishly in dark wood and set on two levels. The coat check guy dressed in a Union Jack shirt might send you into fits of laughter.


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