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Along with Hot Dogs this is probably the place in Moscow where you’ll hear the most English being spoken. Silver’s is good place to network and meet other foreigners and also a good place to have a feed and get drunk.

Address:5/6, Tverskaya Ulitsa (entry from Nikitsky Pereulok), Metro: Okhotny Ryad/Teatralnaya, Moscow, Russia
Contact:+7 (495) 290 4222,\'s-pub.html
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The Irish pub has Baltika on tap as the budget option as well as the cheapest Guinness going. The food here is also a good option, especially the breakfasts and business lunches which consist of traditional Irish cuisine. With such a prime location and friendly clientele it’s difficult not to become a regular after your first visit. Silver’s was even given a thumbs up by Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern when he dropped by during a visit to Moscow. The photo is on the wall to prove it along with all sorts of other standard pub paraphernalia.


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