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Lisya Nora Pub

A popular expat hangout, it’s difficult not to like Lisya Nora, otherwise known as the Fox Pub. This German-style establishment has a cozy, bunker-like feel and a generally nice vibe to it.

Address:272, Daev Pereulok, Metro: Sukharevskaya, Moscow, Russia
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Similar Worldwide:Monetny Dvor Restaurant (Ekaterinburg), Beer Mania Pub (Beijing)

The best part about the pub is the nine beers on tap: five German ones including the delicious Schneider Weisse and the famed Weihenstephan, two Czech brews, Guinness, and Stary Melnik as the poor man’s choice at 60 rubles ($2.10). The imported options are priced as cheaply as you’ll find anywhere in Russia’s capital, costing between 140 and 160 rubles each ($5-$5.70). The food is quite good and the options are numerous, with the sausage selection probably the highlight. Unfortunately, though, food service is very slow. Otherwise Lisya Nora is a great place to come when you’re craving a pub in this city of fancy, overpriced bars.


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