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Russian Post Service (Pochta)


The Russian postal service is unreliable and poor. Besides, sometimes the letters don't arrive at all. Delivery to Europe takes 2-4 weeks. However it is very cheap. For 1 US$ you can send the envelope to Europe or USA. The offices of Russian Post can be found everywhere in Russia, even in small villages. Just ask where the “Pochta” (Почта) is.
The main address in Moscow is Tsentralny Telegraph: Tverskaya str., 7 (metro Okhotny Ryad - red line)
St. Petersburg: Pochtapskaya str., 9 (metro Nevsky prospekt) Phone: +7 (812) 312-8302

Probably the least expensive courier service in Russia. Works in the following way: you should subscribe for a period of time and get a PO box in Finland, as well as ability to receive correspondence in "Poste Restante" in St. Petersburg and Moscow (about $20 / month). After that, you can have your correspondence sent to your Finnish PO box and WestPost staff will forward it from there to a Russian address. Like this you insure faster delivery (it's much faster to send something to Finland, than to Russia). It also works in reverse way: if you want to send something from Russia abroad, WestPost courier fetches it in your office and then they bring it to Finland from where it is sent by 1st class post.
Also, standard courier services are available, the costs are about the same as other companies.
St. Petersburg: #86, Nevsky pr. 191025, telephone +7-812-327-3211, fax +7-812-275-0806

They have offices alll over Russia and provide world delivery as well as Russian delivery services. Express delivery of the letter to Europe from Russia costs about 50 US$, within Russia about 30 US$.
Moscow: 1st Tverskaya Yamskaya str, 11 (metro Belorusskaya – circle line), phone: +7 (095) 250-4019
Saint Petersburg: Nevsky prospekt, 34 , 2-nd floor, phone: +7 (812) 318-4472

Offices in the big cities in Russia. The express delivery of the envelope to USA or Europe is about 40 US$.
Moscow: Mokhovaya str., 15, Hotel National Business Cente, phone: +7 (095) 234-3400
Saint Petersburg: Yuri Gagariin prospekt, 34, phone: +7 (812) 379-9040

Many offices in Russia, espress delivery to Europe for 50 US$.
Moscow: Svobody str., 31, phone: +7 (095) 797-2777
St.Petersburg: Sofiyskaya str., 14, phone: +7 (812) 118-3330

Of all the courier deliveries we tried, this one seems to be the fastest, if you send your correspondence from Moscow (arrives in 24 hours).
Moscow: Bol. Tishinky blvrd., 8, phone: +7 (095) 961-2211




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