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Please, read the information below carefully to find the contact information you need.


Information or Feedback

For general information requests or feedback about Way to Russia, please, visit our Facebook page or our forums and post your message there. It will be answered by a member of our team or other travelers in 1-3 days.
If your question is personal, send a private message through Talk Lounge forum to WayToRussia or to Dmitry Paranyushkin through Facebook, however we do not guarantee that all questions will be answered.

Way to Russia does not provide any travel services
, so please do not contact us with service-related inquiries. 

Travel Services

If you need to contact a certain service provider, you will find their contacts in the confirmation e-mail after you made an order.

We do provide quality monitoring of all the services advertised on this site by providers, so in case you have a complaint on the service you already ordered, please, send the full information about your order (including the number and date ordered) to:

  Dmitry Paranyushkin
  E-mail: dima ATT waytorussia POINT net

We will directly look into your situation and take all the necessary actions. Our position on the market and diversification of our business allow us to be quite pushy with providers, so most likely they will want to resolve an issue on your behalf, if it ever arises. Otherwise we will threaten them to be removed from the listings on WayToRussia (obviously, they wouldn't want to lose a market share just like that).
Before sending your message, please, read our quality monitoring guidelines (SLA) for providers.

If you want comment on a positive experience with one of the providers or make a public complaint, please, post it in Service Provider Feedback section of our Talk Lounge forum or Facebook page.


Service Providers Contacts

There may be situations when you need to contact a service provider directly.

If you had already ordered a service, you should have received the contacts of the provider in the confirmation e-mail (this applies to _all_services and if you haven't received the e-mail, please, make sure it's not stuck in your spam folder). However, we recommend you to communicate with the provider through Way to Russia system (you can do it by simply replying to the confirmation e-mail you received), as it allows us to perform quality monitoring of your order.

If you haven't ordered a service, but have a question for the provider, we recommend you to fill out the relevant order form and specify your question in additional message field. Unlike other sites, we don't make you pay when you order (simply because you will be arranging this directly with the provider), so you can use the order forms to ask all the necessary info from the providers.

Business to Business, Press

Press inquirieis, advertising, content licensing, consulting and other business Inquiries should be addressed to:

Dmitry Paranyushkin - Way to Russia Guides Director
E-mail: dima ATT waytorussia POINT net
Phone: +44 207 993-8896 (only b2b, _not_ service-related inquiries)
Office & postal address: betahaus, 19 Princessinnenstrasse, Kreuzberg, 10969, Berlin, Germany

If you would like to appear in our our listings, please, add it on our world travel recommendation system on (it's absolutely free and takes only 5 minutes).

After that, connect your item to the similar ones around the world and send us a link to your listing to the e-mail above. We will send one of our reviewers to check out the location anonymously and if they like it, we will include it on Way to Russia. If it's a travel service, we will try to order something from you ourselves anonymously and if the experience is good, we'll contact you to discuss the details.

If you are looking to arrange a performance, a party or a gig in Russia, please, contact PLAYBerlin network.


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