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Practical Information and Advice

Here is all the information you may need before you travel to Russia, as well as some practical advice and tips on safety, money, where to get a mobile phone, how to deal with police etc. 

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Practical Advice on Money in Russia

The official Russian currency is Rubles (rub`li).

What to do in case of emergency and how to avoid troubles in Russia

Russia is a relatively safe place, but sometimes there may be annoying situations.

Before You Travel: When and Where to Go, Paperwork, and More Useful Tips

When planning a trip to Russia, it's important to know when it's a good time to go, what to pack, what's the cheapest way to get there, and what documents you'll need.

Teaching English in Russia - An Easy Way to Settle for a Long-Term

Unless you're an executive for an oil, gas or construction company, or a professional at a large legal or accounting firm, getting a chance to work in Russia can be near impossible.

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Student Guide to Russia

If you would like to study abroad, Russia is a great choice both because of its unique and respected education traditions and the experience of living and studying abroad that you will get.

How to Find Quality and Affordable Accommodation in Russia

Need a Hotel? Try Our Recommended Options Below:   It's hard to find cheap and quality accommodation in Russia.

Guide to Russia for Expats and Foreigners

  Featured Articles: Settling in Russia: Meeting people, finding a job and accommodation.

Paperwork, Russian Visa, and Insurance

Many people find the vast amount of paperwork they have to deal with before traveling to Russia really off-putting.

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Health and Safety advice for Russia

What to do in case of emergency, what vaccines you need, where to get contraceptives, which hospitals to go to, what are the phone numbers of our men who can protect you.

Healthcare and Health Insurance in Russia

The state health system in Russia in general is far from being good, but it is not as bad as one could imagine and it's free.

Vaccinations, Contraception, and Personal Hygiene in Russia

Contraception, vaccination, and personal hygiene information is really hard to find for Russia.

Top Events in Russia in 2015