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Practical Information and Advice

Here is all the information you may need before you travel to Russia, as well as some practical advice and tips on safety, money, where to get a mobile phone, how to deal with police etc. 

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Before You Travel: When and Where to Go, Paperwork, and More Useful Tips

When planning a trip to Russia, it's important to know when...

Teaching English in Russia - An Easy Way to Settle for a Long-Term

Unless you're an executive for an oil, gas or construction...

Practical Advice on Money in Russia

The official Russian currency is Rubles...

What to do in case of emergency and how to avoid troubles in Russia

Russia is a relatively safe place, but sometimes there may...

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Student Guide to Russia

If you would like to study abroad, Russia is a great choice...

Paperwork, Russian Visa, and Insurance

Many people find the vast amount of paperwork they have to...

How to Find Quality and Affordable Accommodation in Russia

It's hard to find cheap and quality accommodation in Russia....

Guide to Russia for Expats and Foreigners

in Russia: Meeting people, finding a...

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Paperwork, Russian Visa, and Insurance

Many people find the vast amount of paperwork they have to deal with before traveling to Russia really off-putting. However, if you know what to do,...

Russia International Phone Cards, Russia City Dialing Telephone Codes, "Follow Me" Divert Numbers:

The phone code of Russia is +7. All cities and regions in Russia have their own code (495 for Moscow, 812 for St. Petersburg,8162 for Novgorod, 3432...

Russian Post Service (Pochta)

The Russian postal service is unreliable and poor. Besides, sometimes the letters don't arrive at all. Delivery to Europe takes 2-4 weeks. However it...

Top Events in Russia in 2014


Ночь Новых Медиа Events

Address:Никола-ленивец, калужская область, дзержинский рай, Russia<div class="bbcode">С 4 по 6 июля арт-парк... read more


Seven Years of Funk Events

Address:Гончарная ул., 7/4, Moscow, RussiaContact:<div class="bbcode">Отметить седьмой... read more