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Author: Dimitry Paranyushkin (on 21 Aug 2009)

Note: The hotels list is after this introductory text.

Accommodation in Novosibirsk is not of the highest quality, but is quite ok for a few days. There are a few hotels in the centrum of the city (from $20 / $30 for the simpliest rooms and from $50 / $80 for better quality singles / doubles), a small hotel right inside the railway station (booked almost all the time),

hotel in Novosibirsk

and a wide range of apartments for short-term rent around railway station area (there's a reservation stand on the ground floor of the railway station, but it's better to book beforehand - see below). There are no youth hostels in the city, at least not yet.
Usually, hotel staff speaks basic English, so you'll be able to explain yourself. Make sure that the hotel registers your visa.
If you would like to live in a nice green quiet area, go directly to Akademgorodok, which is Novosibirsk university campus area and is considered to be very safe and prestigious (however, it doesn't look "elite" or something).
Akademgorodok is not especially central, but it is very easy to get there or to the centrum from there. The best way is to take a taxi (takes about 20-30 mins and costs 200R ($7) one way). There are a lot of taxis in Novosibirsk everywhere, so it won't be a problem to find one, even in the night, especially next to hotels or the railway station. You can also take a suburban train for 20 R ($0.7), but the trip lasts about 40 mins and you have to walk for about 10 mins afterwards. There are also buses, but they are slow and overcrowded, so don't consider it as an option.
There are no camping sites close to the city, but when we were in Novosibirsk (Summer, 2002), we camped in the forest around Akademgorodok. It was very nice and seemed quite safe, see some advices on camping in the end of this page.

Short-Term Apartment Rentals in Novosibirsk.

The best place to stay in Novosibirsk is to rent a short-term apartment. We found a reliable short-term rental agency, their 24h reservation booth is

Short-term apartment in Novosibirsk

located on the ground floor of the railway station, but it's better to book beforehand because the apartments are quite tightly booked. The apartments cost form 750R ($25) to 3000 R ($100) for 24 hours (depending on quality - but all are very clean and very close to the railway station). It's also possible to rent an apartment for half-day (12 hours), or even for a few hours (100R / 1 hour).
They also operate a new mini hotel near the railway station for 520 R ($1 per room with a kitchen and meeting rooms, which makes it the cheapest and most convenient central accommodation in Novosibirsk.

Address: (3832) 202-154, 20-20-09, 29-57-67 (Novosibirsk, directly)
Reserve online: Novosibirsk Apartment reservation
Office: Lenina St., 77, ap.25

Novosibirsk Mini-Hotel.

A very neat and friendly mini-hotel located near the railway station in the center of Novosibirsk, operated by the same company as the one that rents apartments short-term (see above). There are in all four double rooms in the

hotel in Novosibirsk

hotel, a kitchen with cooking facilities, toilets, bathroom.
The price is 520 R ($15) per room with a kitchen and meeting rooms, which makes it the cheapest and most convenient central accommodation in Novosibirsk.

To reserve: (3832) 202-154, 20-20-09, 29-57-67 (direct, Novosibirsk, Russian only) or web: Novosibirsk Mini-Hotel Reservation

Zolotaya Dolina (Golden Dale) Hotel.
This 2-star hotel is located in the nice green area of Novosibirsk - Akademgorodok (35 km from the centrum), with Novosibirsk State University buildings, student and professor dormitories around.

Hotel room

The building and the lobby looks typical Soviet style from the outside, however, the rooms are quite OK, adequate to the stars claimed. The cheapest private single room is nothing special but clean enough costs $20, the similar double costs $35 for the room. Improved doubles (with two rooms, better bathrooms) cost from $50 to $80 for a room. All rooms have bathrooms, showers, TV, fridge. Additional 25% of a daily rate is charged for reservation.
Address: Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Ilyicha St., 10. Tel.: (3832) 30-19-16 (reservations), 30-36-09 (administrator).

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Railway Station Hotel.
There's a little hotel with private and dorm rooms at the railway station on the 2nd floor. Hourly stays are available. A place in the double room costs $15 US. An "improved" private double room costs $80 US. During high season (June-August) all rooms are already taken by the afternoon, so either book beforehand or come in the early morning.
Address: Novosibirsk Main Railway station (Novosibirsk Vokzal Glavny), 2nd floor. Tel.: (3832) 29-23-76. Map: A3 - triangle #1.

never go to the hotel, which is just in front of the mail railway station in Novosibirsk - they don't accept foreigners.

Hotel Sibir. This huge hotel of 229 rooms recently belonged to the famous Russian hotel chain “Itourist”. The lobby is large and deserted. There are restaurant and several bars in the hotel. There are business facilities: conference halls, meeting rooms and several computers with the internet access (however when I was there – there was no connection). The hotel is pretty clean and the stuff is friendly. The receptionists speak English. The maid who showed me the rooms told that all the celebrities from Moscow stays in this hotel and that “Sibir” hotel is the only one where nobody will steal your stuff from the room. “Sibir” is located just near the train station and it will take about 15 minutes to walk to the city center. The standard double costs 90 USD, the single is 60 USD. There are also “Business class” rooms which are bigger and better decorated, you can get it from 130 USD to 510 USD. Credit cards accepted: Visa and MasterCard. There is an ATM machine near the hotel in a bank.
Address: Lenina ul., 21 (on the bank of the Ob river). Phone: (7-3832) 23-12-15. Fax: (7-3832) 23-87-66. Web: (english version of the site provided). E-mail:

Hotel Centralnaya. Ugly building and bad smell inside. Usual rooms without shower go for 25 USD (double), 22 USD (single). Rooms with the shower for 45 USD (double). Few foreighners staying in this hotel. Cash is only accpeted. No english speaking stuff. Located in the very center of the city.
Address: Lenina ul., 3. Phone: (7-3832) 22-36-38

Camping. As we said, there are no official campings in or around Novosibirsk. However, Russia is a great country, because it's not forbidden to camp (almost like Sweden in this way). So, generally, you can put your tent anywhere as long as you're sure it won't disturb

7 Bays beach

anybody (I mean cops also), and as long as you think it's safe.
If you decide to camp, the best place to do it is in Akademgorodok (35km from the centrum, 30 mins & 200 R by taxi). There are many forests on the campus area, so you can just go in, find a nice place, and put your tent there.
The best forest is next to Pirogova street, where the 24h internet cafe and student dormitories are located (see the map).
There's also Ob Sea in Akademgorodok, a favourite beach and place to swim among the locals. It might seem a bit dirty, but we swam there and "no problemo", besides, on a hot summer day, you will love to refresh yourself on your way to the centrum.
Don't leave your stuff overday, better pack everything, and carry it with you, or ask a security guy in one of the student dormitories or an internet cafe to look after it (you can pay him or offer a drink).
Also, beware of encephalitis tick, which is active during May to mid July period: check your clothes and skin regularly (every 15 mins) and take precautions (use repellent creams, don't walk uncovered in forests or bushes).
Finally, we'll be thankful if you tell us about your camping experience in Novosibirsk through Our Team / Feedback page.


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