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Moscow Dance Clubs

Moscow is full of dance clubs, but only a few of them are really worth attention. The best clubs where you can meet interesting people, dance and hear quality music are Solyanka, RodnyaDenis Simachev Bar and PropagandaIf you are after mainstream dance parties full of teenagers, then Gaudi Club, Club Fabrique and B2 should satisfy your curiosity and make you never come back. For something a bit more chilled, try Strelka Bar or Domebar (located next to each other) – although both are not technically clubs. Shesnadtats Tonns is good if there's a good concert. And, finally, if want to see environmently friendly opulence Moscow style try Krysha Mira, which plays quality tech-house and manages to have a sort of queer flair while being full of strong men in suits. Don't forget about the face control: the Moscow speciality practised at the places which don't have enough confidence in attracting the right audience through the other means. Just speak English as you enter the club and they'll usually let you in.

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Club Powerhouse: A Bit of Everything

Club Powerhouse is many things, including their own music label, studio, a bar, a club and a restaurant.

Club Rodnya Studio: The New Sincerity

Favorite among younger crowds, Rodnya sometimes brings amazing dance acts and their terrace is a perfect spot for dancing in summer.

Krysha Mira Club: Getting High

A playground for those who want to get the taste of the Moscow highlife.

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